Welcome! Thrive blog is written and managed by the psychologists at Thrive Psychology Consultants. We are located in the Uptown Galleria area, and our psychologists have been serving the Houston community for over twenty years.

To learn more about us and our approach to working with clients, just click on our link https://psychologistgalleria.com

Our blogs center on all matters psychological and range from relatively lighthearted topics such as back seat driving and effective apologies to more serioso issues such as the challenges of overcoming low mood and anxiety. We are just getting started with our blog and (as soon as we type them in) there will certainly be many more blogs to follow. Enjoy!

At Thrive Psychology Consultants, we work with our clients as a team to achieve and maintain meaningful life goals. Common client goals include: overcoming worry, fear, and anxiety; alleviating low mood and depression; managing bipolar disorder and adult ADHD; recovering from PTSD; overcoming shyness, pessimism, and negative thinking; stress management; overcoming procrastination; improving healthy assertiveness and communication skills; reducing social discomfort; developing healthy social networks; enhancing self-esteem; healing from past wounds; breaking unhelpful habits; and improving relationship satisfaction.

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